Set free youth arrested in lynching case, Eng Rasheed

SRINAGAR: Seeking unconditional release of dozens of youth allegedly accused in the lynching of Dy S P Ayub Pandit, MLA Langate Er Rasheed has said that police and intelligence agencies after failing to crack the real story behind the shameful tragic incident have picked up dozens of youth from Nowhatta and surrounding areas, just for their face saving.

Mohammad Ayub Pandith

“While every Kashmiri condemned the brutal act, police force is trying to give cover to its negligence that led to the unfortunate incident,” Rasheed was quoted by his spokesman saying. “Rather accepting its professional lapses and guilt, they picked up youth, most of whom are innocent and beat them to pulp, torture them and are constantly humiliating their families. It is shameful that even Juveniles have not been spared. The police force must understand and realise that they can’t take on their own people without proper reasoning.”

Rasheed also condemned summoning of Mirwaiz Umer Farooq’s relatives by NIA to Delhi and said that such actions will take Delhi nowhere. He termed it “dirty tricks”.

“Let Delhi not forget that Mirwaiz Umer Farooq had neither asked for security and nor is he having it by choice. Summoning and humiliating his relatives by NIA will not force anybody to compromise on the principle stand over Jammu and Kashmir dispute,” Rasheed said.

Lashing out at Indian media for indulging in character assassination campaign against Salahudin’s family and reiterated that all designs to defame Salahudeen’s family will be resisted. He added that Salahudeen’s family like families of other militants has faced worst since 1990 at the hands of security forces and they have sort no undue favour from the state, but nobody on earth can deprive them of various legitimate rights like other sons of the soil.


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