Sexual Harassment In Offices: Govt Says 21 of 27 Cases Challaned



Eve TeasingThe government on Tuesday said 2015 was the first year in which it registered 10 cases, the highest number of sexual harassment cases in its own departments. One of these cases, however, was not admitted.

Offering details of the sexual harassment cases registered since 2010, the government said there are 27 cases registered of which one was not admitted. In 21 cases charge sheet was filed against the accused, five are under investigation. While 13 persons were prosecuted, three of them have been acquitted by the courts, the government said.

In Jammu University, the government said four cases were registered in 2014-15. In one of these cases, the high court has issued a stay order. In another cases, an offender was removed from administrative and academic position on basis of the complaint, the government said.

Besides, the government said that it has constituted a 3-member grievance cell for the women employees working in the civil secretariat on April 29, 2016. Led by IAS officer Sarita Chauhan, it has Omera Shafat and Kiran Raina as its members.

Overall the government said, in a separate response to the assembly, the incidence of crimes against women were slightly up in 2015 as compared to 2014. In 2015, the police have registered a total of 3539 cases including 1342 molestations and 1097abductions thus arresting more than 5300 men. Comparatively, police had registered 3535 fresh cases in 2014 with 1411 molestations and 826 abductions in 2014. Then, it had arrested 5088 men. Rapes have gone slightly down from 351 to 312 so has been the case with cruelty by husbands, the cases if which have fallen from 469 cases in 2014 to 400 in 2014. Police have not registered any fresh case in immoral trafficking in last two years.


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