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National Conference (NC) former ailing secretary general and cousin of Dr Farooq Abdullah is critical and has been admitted to the ICU in a Jammu hospital, party source said.

Sheikh Nazir has remained NCs main party man for decades together. A main organizer and a close confidant of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Nazir was not well for a long time. He underwent a major brain surgery a few years back. Later, his kidney’s started malfunctioning and was regularly on dialysis.

For most of his life, Sheikh Nazir has been considered a living encyclopedia of the party as he has worked with Sheikh and many top veterans of the party since pre-partition days. Apart from party, he remained as the main custodian of all kind of communications that Sheikh had with New Delhi for his entire political career.

Of late, when Sheikh Nazir could not manage his party because of his deteriorating health, Omar Abdullah, the working president of the party appointed Ali Mohammad Sagar as additional secretary general.

Sheikh has lived a life of celibacy and has not raised any family.

“He used to have three visits a week to the hospital,” a senior NC worker who has remained very close to the family said. “Earlier, the situation was critical and is still not out of danger.”

“Nazir Sahab is critical,” said another senior leader, also from Jammu.


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