Shiekh family disfigured Muslim character of the State: Salahudin

KL Report


Militant outfit Hizbul Mujhadeen Monday said that National Conference is power hungry and for the lust of power its leaders disfigured its Muslim character and sold it to non-Muslims.

In a statement issued to CNS, Hizb chief Syed Salahudin castigated NC leader Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal for targeting Jama’at-e-Islami said that NC left no stone unturned to sink the boat of Kashmiri people. “The family of Kamal is responsible for the miseries of Kashmiri people and in order to grab the power, his family disfigured the Muslim character of the National Conference and handed it reign to non-Muslims,” Salahudin said.

Urging people to boycott the forthcoming elections, Salahudin said, “the incidents like the execution of Guro and rape of innocent women at the hands of Indian Army indicate that all Indian agencies are hand in glove to inflict maximum humiliation on Kashmiri people.”

“There are scores of instance which amply prove that Government of India, its Army and Judiciary are hand in glove. Guroo was hanged to appease Hindu zealots while the death sentence of Davinder Singh Bullar was commuted. In Kupwara, the chastity of an innocent woman was raped. These incidents are eye-opener for us and people of Kashmir must abstain from the electoral exercise,” Syed Salahudin said.

He said that Kashmir Freedom Struggle would continue and those who back tracked from the Freedom Movement would finally repent and regret.


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