Shoaib Akhtar pitches another bouncer, says human life is important



Former Pakistani international cricketer Shoaib Akhtar on Saturday said that Kashmir issue should be resolved as per wishes of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Taking to social networking site twitter Akhtar wrote: “Kashmir issues needs to be resolved as per Kashmiri people wishes & both sides of governments needs to address that within the parameters of UN resolution human life is important either it’s Muslim or no Muslim plz learn to love each other not hate..”

Earlier Akhtar tweeted that, Finally Salman gets a relief from honourable court I wish 1 day in my lifetime I get a news of Kashmir Palestine Yemen Afghanistan & all the troubled area of the world are free bcoz my heart bleeds for humanity & loss of innocent life..”Akhtar wrote.

In another tweet, Akhter wrote “Both sides of youth need to stand up for India & Pak relationship & ask authorities a right & difficult questions that why we haven’t even able to sort out our pending issues for last 70 years I ask you are you ready to live another 70 years of your lives with this hatred.”


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