Shopian Firing: ‘inviting people for Iftaar is adding salt to Injuries’: Er Rasheed



Condemning firing on masses in Shopian on Monday evening, Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed have called the Army’s attempt to hold Iftaar Party in the area a cruel joke, unwanted and adding salt to the injuries of locals.

The spokesman said that hearts and minds of Kashmiris can never be won by holding Iftaar parties, carrying “Sadh Bhawna operations”, opening goodwill schools and arranging tours for innocent villagers of remote areas to various cities of India.

The political aspirations of Kashmiris can never be replaced or substituted by cosmetic measures especially under circumstances when someone not less than the stature of PM  Modi threatened Kashmiris just a few days back and rather addressing the real dispute asked them to fall in line and surrender

Rasheed added that Army officers should have kept in mind that while Shopian is being blood bathed on daily basis and people like Major Aaditya get rewarded for ordering the killings.

The army’s drama of the Iftaar party was nothing but an attempt to provoke the locals and then cry victim and find an excuse to use violence against the unarmed population. Er Rasheed ridiculed police version and said “On one side police claims that it had no information about army holding the Iftaar party and on the other side is justifying the use of force against civilians. It speaks volumes how the police are trying to justify every atrocity on unarmed civilians and the act is highly deplorable”.

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