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National Conference senior leader Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal Sunday said that probe ordered into Shopian incident is mere an eyewash as. “we all know that killers are enjoying impunity under Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA),” Kamal told Srinagar based news agency CNS adding that such killings would continue to occur till AFSPA is in vogue here.

Castigating CPI (M) state secretary, Muhammad Yousf Targami for claiming that Government is not serious in punishing Shopian killers, Kamal said that how can the present government headed by National Conference would punish the killers when they are enjoying impunity under AFSPA.

“Why we stress on the revocation of AFSPA?  We want that AFSPA should be repealed from trouble Valley because these Indian Forces after killing innocent people feel free and get encouraged for more killings. These killers must be punished but alas, AFSPA saves these savages,” he said.

National Conference Additional General Secretary told CNS that Targami by targeting present State Government is trying to gain publicity but people of Kashmir are well aware of this fact that probe ordered into any incident here are not being completed just because of the AFSPA.

Kamal said that Indian troopers can kill anyone under the garb of AFSPA and how could we initiate action against them when they enjoy impunity under such draconian law.


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