Shopian Villagers Consume Unfiltered Water for Years



The inhabitants of Babapora village in South Kashmir’s Shopian district are consuming unfiltered water from years despite promises by successive regimes.

The lone source of water to the village habitants is a pond. The villagers said that the drinking water is being supplied to them from this pond but it has no filtering system which has resulted in different water-borne diseases among locals particularly children.

“Over the years, so many of our children fell ill due to unfiltered water and the threat continues to loom large over all of us. But no official bothers to come here and sort out our problem,” said a local, Ghulam Mohammad.

The local villagers are demanding that they should be supplied with filtered water. “What is big deal in supplying filtered water? This is our basic human right and government should not hesitate in providing us the clean water,” he said.

The locals accuse successive regimes of betraying them in the name of providing clean drinking water supply. They said that earlier National Conference promised them clean water and sought votes from them and recently Peoples Democratic Party did the same.

“But none of them kept their promise and they are only bothered about vote bank,” the locals said. (GNS)


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