Political Nationalism has taken over Cultural Nationalism: FinMin Drabu




Stressing on the need of awakening common masses about cultural identity, Minister for Finance and Culture, Dr Haseeb A Drabu Saturday said that political nationalism has overtaken cultural nationalism. He said that there is no solution to the redefining of cultural identity with government except awareness of individual which can lead to the Cultural Revolution.

He said that defining individual and collective responsibilities will lead to Cultural Revolution taken way from political influence.

Speaking during inaugural session of 36th annual conference of organised by Adbi Markaz Kamraz, Drabu said that government is not to be blamed for this unawareness. Regretting on the lack of proper research work on Kashmir and Kashmiri, he said, “we should come forward to have proper work on Kashmir and Kashmiri while finding the social incentives and market for Kashmiri speaking community.”

Recalling his six months of tenure, he said, “whatever I found in surroundings leads me to conclude that Kashmir language is alive and has not reached the crisis level which other languages are facing.”

Drabu said that Kashmiri language is alive among intellectual elites and commoners while vulnerable middle class community is representing the crises level of the language. He said it is middle class which has put the lingo-cultural identity at stake being vulnerable.

Drabu elaborated the growing cultural crisis while stating that cultural identity cannot be redefined till we take along all the miniatures and small representatives of culture.

Stating that culture should not be redefined for purpose of convenience, it should be free of political ideology.

Drabu expressed his concern about losing ancestral cultural traits and said that cultural philosophy of Kashmir should reach out to commoners.

“We have lost the undefined social control which was edifice of social culture” Drabu said adding, “there is a urgent need of cultural dissemination at mass level while defining the role of individual”

“No solution lies with the Government for this cultural issue, it can only be redefined at individual and collective level” Drabu said.

Drabu said that language cannot be groomed by introducing language in schools institutes only. He said it is not necessary to have Kashmiri language in schools and it will not matter till over society and family is lingo-culturally equipped.

On the occasion he announced cultural centres for various provinces and parts of the state, he also announced financial support to Adbi Markaz Kamraz. (KNS)


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