Shujaat Murder Case: Police Arrested One Suspect, Recovers Stolen Weapon

SRINAGAR: Police have rounded up at least one suspect in Shujaat Bukhari murder case, sources said.

Kashmir Police Chief S P Pani told reporters that they have arrested one of the four suspects in the case. From him the stolen weapon was recovered. He has been identified as Zubair, a resident of Kanitar.

Police said they have recovered the dress he wore last evening when he was trying to help the people evacuate the injured to a police car.

Police investigations suggest that there are more than three persons directly involved in the assassination. Police has issued two pictures seeking peoples’ help in identification and arrest. In one set of pictures, the police seeks identification of three bikers fleeing away with their faces hooded or concealed.

In another picture, they are seeking help in arresting one bearded young man who was on the spot till the police arrived. He later fled with a pistol of one of the two slain cops.

The latter person who was included in the list of suspects was trying to take the bodies out. He continued there till the police reached the spot. When the body of the driver was being evacuated, a pistol fell down and he ponced on it and kept in his pocket. This happened in presence of police, as a video shot on the spot shows. Later the same guy is seen fleeing on motor-cycle with such a speed that he somehow escaped unhurt.

Police said the suspect 4 has been identified as Zubair and has been arrested. They said he is being interrogated.


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