Shun rigidity and adopt resolution process: JKDFP to New Delhi



Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) on Monday has warned that the unrealistic approach of government towards the long pending Kashmir dispute can prove costly on the peace and stability of the region where world powers are busy in securing their interests.

JKDFP Secretary-General, Moulana Mohammad Abdullah Tari said in a statement that Kashmiris want the end of their troubles by determining their political future once for all, however, the government rigidity increases their plight by not only refusing their internationally accepted right to self-determination but also targeting them on one pretext or the other.

He said that India is claiming to be the largest democracy in the world however it has miserably failed in listening to the democratic vices of Kashmiri people. New Delhi jailed political voices like JKDFP chief Shabir Shah and thought Kashmir will be silenced but the youth who are representing the resistance movement in their own way have proved that nations like Kashmir cannot be defeated easily.

It is high time for India to shun the rigid approach and hear the real voices of Kashmiri people who are resisting on many fronts. By exhibiting inflexible approach, New Delhi is also risking lives of its forces personnel who have to face a testing situation which has already affected their psyche.

The spokesman added that killing Kashmiri freedom lovers, jailing their genuine voices like Shabir Shah and using laws against them has yielded nothing, so it must adopt the resolution process to help a peaceful and stabilised south Asian region.


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