Signature campaign on Kashmir held in Poland

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Kashmir Council EU organized a one-day camp on Wednesday in Warsaw, the capital of Poland in order to continue its “one-million signature campaign” on Kashmir.

The similar camps have already been organized in different European countries in connection with the “One Million Signature Campaign” in Europe.

The signature campaign was launched in Europe by Kashmir Council EU in the recent years in order to obtain signatures of European people in favour of oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir.

On the occasion of camp in Warsaw, chairperson Kashmir Council Ali Raza Syed said, “The purpose of the camp is to highlight Indian atrocities against the oppressed people of Kashmir.”

The organizers of the camp called upon European Union (EU) to send a fact finding delegation to Srinagar and probe the facts about brutalities against the Kashmiris. During the camp in Warsaw, despite of severe cold weather a large number of the Polish people showed their keen interest in the event in order to express solidarity with the “oppressed” people of Kashmir.

Highlighting the summer uprising incidents in Kashmir, the chairperson Kashmir Council EU said, “Last year was witness to killings of a number of Kashmiris by Indian forces during the peaceful protest especially massive use of pellet guns against the civilians Kashmir.”

He informed the visitors during the camp in Warsaw that Indian forces violate international laws by using pellet guns on the peaceful demonstration last year which damaged eyes of a large number of the innocent people.

Ali Raza Syed said, “We have to speed up our campaign to expose the India’s real face to the world specially Europeans.”

He further said, “We will continue our support to the people of Kashmir till suitable resolution of the Kashmir dispute.”

He said, “The people of Kashmir are struggling peacefully for right to self-determination and there should be plebiscite under United Nations supervision in order to make clear political fate of the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Highlighting the importance of European Union’s role, Ali Raza Syed urged the union to play its role for a peaceful resolution of the issue. He explained that EU has to use its good offices to prevent human rights violations in Kashmir and for just solution of the dispute.


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