Yeshwant Sinha in Shopian
Yeshwant Sinha in Shopian

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Yeshwant Sinha led team of “concerned” citizens on Sunday had more than three hours long interaction with a mixed group of citizens in Shopian. The interaction took place in a free and frank atmosphere and the visiting delegation was requested to play its role in getting Kashmir out of the crisis it has been facing for decades now.

The residents handed over the delegation a two-page representation detailing the pathetic situation that Kashmir has lived all these years.

“Kashmiris have been sacrificing everything for decades now to see themselves free under the sun and now these sacrifices have touched the ever highest in terms of martyrdom, brutalization, terror and torture of the innocent people,” the two page representation reads. “It has been a bloodletting of the worst kind and much hates use of the pellet guns to darken the lives of the young school girls like Insha of Sedow Shopian with permanent blindness.”

The representation said that mere denial the very existence of the Kashmir issue will not help moving forward. It sought a “realistic approach” and called for India and Pakistan to come forward with “political will” and settle things. It also suggested that any dialogue with Hurriyat can not succeed unless the resistance leaders do not get space.

The host delegation comprised trade, intellectuals, a number of students and local activists. Mohammad Shafi Khan was also part of the host delegation that met the visiting team. They comprised around25-30 people. The meeting took place in the Circuit House. The meeting started at 10:30 am and concluded past 2:30 pm.

Talking to the hosts, Sinha said he has no political agenda and does not represent the BJP or anybody. “I am a concerned citizen of India who wishes to talk to people and recommend what should be done,” Sinha said. “I could see in Kashmir that people respect a lot Atal Behari Vajpayee and I believe that his doctrine needs to be taken up.”

Sinha said the need of the hour is to involve all the stakeholders to move forward.

Later, the delegation left for Islamabad where they will jointly have an interaction with delegation from Kulgam, Pulwama and Islamabad jointly.

Sinha’s team does not follow any particular agenda. It just listens to what people say.


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