‘Sir, One Selfie Please,’ Edu Min’s Women’s College Visit



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Selfie with Naeem Akhtar on May 03, 2016 at Women's College Srinagar
Women’s College M A Road students clicking selfies with Education Minister, Naeem Akhtar, on the eve of Allama Iqbal Day on May 03, 2016.

Education Minister Naeem Akhtar faced was at the core a ‘technology crush’ as every student in the M A Road Women’s College wanted a “selfie” with him. He was literally rescued by the teachers when crowds thickened and became apparently unmanageable.

“Lay Lou, Lay Lou Bachay,” Akhtar would tell to every request as students unleashed their up-market handsets. It was unending crowd from the auditorium to the main gate where he somehow managed to get into his car.

Selfie with Naeem Akhtar on May 03, 2016 at Women's College Srinagar 1

“These are memories that every student would like to keep,” one senior teacher said. “This also explains which generation we are tackling in 2016.”

As the crowd thickened, the minister was heard telling students that he was unwell. But the consistent insistence of students made him to become a statue till they clicked their selfies.

Earlier, the minister told the girl students that he was aware of the systemic discrimination that the overall society is using to limit the contributions that half of Kashmir’s population can make. “You have to fight your war,” minister told them, insisting that they would find him in their support.

Edu Min Naeem Akhtar interacting with Women's College Students on May 03, 2016
Edu Min Naeem Akhtar interacting with Women’s College Students on May 03, 2016.

Akhtar announced that shortly the M A Road Women’s College would be the premises of a Nursing College where bachelors in nursing would be taught in evening classes. “By 2020, world will have net deficit of 20 million nurses,” Akhtar said. “It is a niche area we are so keen to get in and we have started another college in Gandhi Nagar Women’s College.”

He suggested students to get into fast expanding media, banking and even explore possibilities for applying in civil services in other states.

Selfie with Naeem Akhtar on May 03, 2016 at Women's College Srinagar 2

Insisting that the state’s education apparatus was the last to get into the changed education sector, Akhtar said they have barely started jumping into the ring. “We have Super-50 and it was an outstanding success,” the minister said, adding that more students made it to IIT this year from a government run facility. “We will impart trainings and tuitions for all the professional courses.”

“Feel part of the larger world and wherever you go, go as ambassadors of your culture and shine,” Akhtar added. “In the fast changing world, Kashmiri will have to reorient its priorities to get the best of the opportunities.” The minister told students that they should feel “part of India’s opportunities”.

Regarding the second shift classes started at University of Kashmir, Naeem said, “we created another university for 1500 candidates without adding even a single brick.”



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