SIT Officials Hell Bent To Hold Muslims Responsible: Er Rashid

KL Report


MLA Langate, Er Rashid Sunday said that Special Investigating Team (SIT) constituted to probe Kishtwar communal riots is comprised of biased officials who are hell bent to hold Muslims responsible for all the mess. “The SIT headed by Police officer Chuhan without visiting the area has in its report claimed that Muslims protestors were chanting pro-Pakistan and anti-India slogans. There is no fun of any inquiry committee now. Justice Gandhi committee would do nothing but will take cue from SIT report and would hold Muslims responsible,” he told reporters in a press conference in Srinagar.

He said that Awami Ithihaad Party don’t want to disturb peace in Kashmir but it can’t act as a mute spectator as well over Kishtwar. “Muslims are being harassed by terrorist bands like Village Defence Committees. So far seventeen persons have been arrested by police in connection with Kishtwar communal policy but the reality is that out of 17 persons only two are Hindu’s while 15 are Muslims. This speaks of volumes about the ill intentions of the Government,” Er Rashid said.

Terming VDC’s as the terrorist committees, Rashid said that it is irony that Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on record said that the government has no proof about VDC’s. “The members of SIT are all Hindu’s while the sole member who belongs to Muslim community is a well-known figure in the area. That Muslim member Sajjad Khan affiliated with SOG has been nominated as a member just to befool the Muslim community. He is a terror, anti-Muslim and a killer. He was nominated as a member of the SIT just to hoodwink the people,” he said.

Er Rashid lambasted government for its false claims said that so far no compensation has been provided to the two affected families whose son’s were murdered by Hindu zealots. “We demand that VDC members should be disarmed. They are the real terrorists and the government is shielding them. VDC’s have let loose a reign of terror in Kishtwar and if these committee members are not disbanded then we would soon see Kishtwar in flames. I must tell you that Muslims in Kishtwar are being harassed and tortured and the culprits have the backing of the government. All this is being done to appease a particular community to get votes from them,” he said.


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