CCA Demands High Level Probe In Prime Minister Scholarship Scam

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Lashing out on mechanism of Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) Sunday, G N Var, Chairman, Coaching Centres Association (CCA) demanded high level probe into 1200 crore PMSSS Scam.

It is to be mentioned that in 2011, Central Govt. started PMSSS with 1200 crore budget. In this scheme, 5000 JK students were to be awarded full scholarships for studying in colleges outside JK.

But since last 2 years, many NGOs, Consultants, Intermediates are playing foul play. On one hand, these so called Consultants are charging money from the students; on the other hand many of the sub standard colleges have admitted hundreds of JK students without any fees to fill the seats for seeking AICTE approval.

G N Var said that PMSSS scam may reveal names of many touts who have minted crores of rupees. There may be linkages between some Government officials who would release the money, NGOs/Consultants who would arrange the eligible students and some colleges who will be the major beneficial of this 1200 crore rupees. That’s why instead of taking 5 students, colleges are taking as maximum as possible students because they know that they can use those linkages to get the money.

While raising the point of connection among few colleges, NGOs and MHRD, G N Var also questions the genuinety of those colleges who are admitting hundreds of students under MHRD Scholarship despite of AICTE rule that a college cannot get more than 5 scholarships. He said that either these colleges are very poor quality colleges or are not able to fill their seats. How a college can offer free seat to the student which otherwise gives the income of Rs 4-5 lakh to the college?, Mr. Var questions.

Var added that BOPEE delay in JKCET result has added fuel to the problems of needy and deserving JK students. Mr. Var further said that high level vigilance/CBI Probe should be done by the State Govt. so the students should not go to low quality colleges who have once promised free seats but after an year they would force the students to pay the fees.

Var said that the mechanism developed by State Govt.or MHRD has totally failed to stop these NGOs/Touts to spoil the future of around 10,000 Engineering aspirants of the State. He also urged parents to verify the facts before giving their money and original documents.

Var also demanded from AICTE to declare the list of students to be given scholarship in each college at the earliest. Otherwise the colleges will ask the students not selected under MHRD Scholarship to pay the fees later on and at that time students will not have any choice than agreeing to pay the fees to save their year. (CNS)



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