The people living near LoC in Uri where three young civilians lost their lives in cross firing on Tuesday between Indian and Pakistani troops, are so frightened that they have started thinking again of migrating from their native areas.

 Locals of Charunda village today assembled and protested before the Uri police station. The protesters were alleging that army and other forces had started building new bunkers some 10 to 12 days before in their area which irked the people of other side of the border.

As per the protesting people, “Pakistani troops start warning on loudspeakers to stop the construction otherwise they will target them but when the forces didn’t any heed to warnings, Pak troops opened fire”.

The protesters allege that they were trapped in the cross firing between two sides of the border resulting in the death of three youth including a girl.

Later on Bashir Ahmad, SHO Uri assured the protesters, who are demanding protection that he will talk to higher authorities.

India and Pakistan are accusing each other of violating the ceasefire agreement reached upon in 2003 after the deadly parliament attack when both sides had virtually locked their horns.

“As many as 154 ceasefire violations have been reported along the Line of Control (LoC) since the ceasefire agreement of 2003,” said the central home ministry.

“Of these, 28 were reported in 2009, 44 during 2010, 51 in 2011 and 31 between January and August this year,” Minister of State for Home Affairs in New Delhi informed the Lok Sabha during the recent Parliament session.

India and Pakistan are accusing each other of violating the 2003 ceasefire and during the allegations and counter allegations between the two neighboring countries, already frightened Kashmiris living along the LoC become scapegoats.

“We had left our native homes ten years before out of fear, but now the situation is brewing once again which compels to think again on the same lines,” Shuhab Din a resident of Charunda Uri said to Kashmir Life.

Three civilians, including a young girl were killed Tuesday in an exchange of gunfire between Indain forces and Pakistani rangers at Charunda in Uri along LoC.

“After the killings of Mohammad Shafi, Liyaqat Ali, and Shaheena Akhter we are seriously concerned about the security of ourselves and our kith and kin,” added Shuhab.

India and Pakistan reached a ceasefire agreement in 2003 after Indian parliament was attacked. After the agreement, the civilians along LoC started returning to their native homes who had left everything behind out of fear.


  1. The quandary is at precipitating stage. Blames and counter blames is destiny of our people but ours blood will keep oozing.both has to lost nothing but we will keep dying.LoC opening was honeymoon and cease fire …?


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