SRINAGAR: The Department of Urology & Kidney Transplant at SKIMS marked a groundbreaking achievement on Friday by successfully conducting the first-ever Swap Kidney Transplant in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

SKIMS Performs First Land mark Swap Kidney Transplant, Creates New Hope for Helpless Patients

Expressing his commendation, the Director of SKIMS, speaking about the achievement, stated, “Patient care is our utmost priority at SKIMS, and the swap transplant performed by the Department of Urology & KTU is a breakthrough in kidney transplant and our commitment towards new advances in patient care.”

Head of the Department, Urology & KTU, Prof. Saleem Wani, provided insights into the landmark surgery, saying, “This is a major milestone set in kidney transplantation. With successful swap kidney transplants, SKIMS has set the ball rolling for enhancing the donor pool, countering organ shortage, which is a significant hurdle in kidney transplants.”

Prof Wani emphasised, “Swap Transplant is one of the ways to counter organ shortage, requiring logistics and expertise. SKIMS, with all its capabilities, successfully performed the surgery, creating a ray of hope for helpless patients.”

Highlighting the broader impact, Prof Wani mentioned, “SKIMS is a major contributor to the organ transplant program of the country, having completed more than 550 kidney transplants. Organ shortage being a limiting factor, we underscore the importance of Cadaver Transplant, Swap Transplant, and ABO incompatible Transplant.”

He further added, “The Department of Urology & KTU is taking serious measures to work out Cadaver Transplant, and various awareness programs are being conducted in coordination with SOTTO (State Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization).”

Acknowledging the collaborative effort, Prof. Wani lauded the constant support and close coordination of the Department of Nephrology, Department of Anaesthesia, and Department of Immunology. He extended his gratitude to the entire team, including Prof. Arif, Hamid, Dr Rouf Khawaja, Dr Sajad Malik, Dr Sajad Para, Dr Saqib (Urology), Prof. Ashraf Bhat, Prof. Imtiyaz Wani, Prof. Muzaffar Wani, Dr Manzoor, Dr Rais (Nephrology), Prof. Showkat Gurcoo, Dr Khalid (Anesthesiology), and Prof Zaffar Amin Shah (Immunology).

Prof Wani also appreciated the crucial role played by Kidney Transplant Coordinators Ms Yasmin and Ms Ishrat for their efforts in counselling the families.


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