Slaughter Only Bovine Animals on Eid-ul-Zaha: Nayeem Khan



Nayeem Khan

Strongly reacting to the banning of beef in the state, Jammu Kashmir National Front chairman and Hurriyat leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Thursday appealed people to slaughter only bovine animals on the coming Eid-ul-Zaha.

“Enough is enough, no power on earth can change halal into haram and haram into halal,” Nayeem Ahmad Khan said in a statement, adding, “Muslims have to follow shariat and not the dictations of any court, government or bureaucracy.”

He appealed Muslims to slaughter only bovine animals on eve of the coming Eid-ul-Zaha to protest the illogical order.

Reacting very strongly against the order, Khan said that the order has injured the religious sentiments of the majority people of the state. “It is interfering in the religious matters of the Muslims which is intolerable,” he said.

He said that Muslims are only bound to follow the orders of Shariat and India or her institutions cannot pass orders which are against the Islamic Shariat.

He said that Muslims have been taught lessons of tolerance however they cannot tolerate any verdict which goes against their Shariat or which calls haram a halal or vice versa.

He strongly rejected the order and said that Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir will not follow any law which contradicts with their religious belief and commandments.


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