Slogans, Raising Flag No Parameter to Tag a Person Nationalist: Pandit Body



Sanjay Tikoo
Sanjay Tickoo

Asserting that chanting slogans and hoisting of flags cannot be parameters to tag a person as nationalist or anti-nationalist, a Kashmiri Pandit body Sunday said that back to back two incidents which happened to be engineered in Jawahar Lal Nehru University in New Delhi and National Institute of Technology, Kashmir have shattered or exposed the “political in-stability in India”.

“If raising slogans and hosting flags can change the demography of a Country then in Delhi itself almost every recognized country’s flag is hosted on their respect Embassies,” Sanjay Tickoo of KPSS said in a statement this evening.

“This is really unfortunate that from the past one month, few mislead students have kept India hostage in addition to that some local and national political parties have not wasted any time to cash the same in their interests. Without any doubt, till date, State of Jammu and Kashmir is part of India with some special status and International interference. Mere raising slogans and hoisting flag cannot change the status of this part of the world,” Tickoo added.

“Some mislead Kashmiri organizations from the both sides of Pir Panjal Range having backing from some across the border agencies are also trying to add up in this flare, which in the longer run can cause irreparable loss to the people of this State in particular and to this Country in general. To achieve some vicious plans these agencies are using these shallow organizations to create a wedge in the society across the Country, for which every Nationalist have contributed at ground zero to fill up and have given countless sacrifices in the interest of the people and Country,” the KPSS statement quoted Tickoo as having said.

KPSS, the statement said, expresses concern on the issue, “as it is very easy to eliminate an enemy at the boarder but is very difficult to push a multi-faced vested interest person inside the country that causes larger damage to any stabilized and flourishing Country like India”.

“KPSS appeals all the stake holders, across the nation to show some sanity and deal the situations with some responsibility towards society and its people,” the statement added.


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