SRINAGAR: In a bid to address the mounting concerns and grievances surrounding the implementation of smart power meters, the Managing Director of Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Limited (JPDCL), Shiv Anant, has unveiled a series of important initiatives.

Acknowledging the difficulties consumers often encounter in examining meter readings, the Managing Director has issued a directive that, from now on, smart meters will be preferentially installed on consumers’ house walls.

This move aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for consumers, enabling them to more easily monitor their power consumption. Importantly, to ensure a smooth and transparent installation process, JPDCL officials will be present during the installation of meters by vendors.

Addressing concerns about meter accuracy, JPDCL will soon initiate a trial phase where old digital meters will be installed alongside smart meters in specific locations. This parallel installation will serve as a vital assessment tool to gauge the accuracy and authenticity of the readings produced by the newly installed smart meters.

To provide immediate assistance to consumers facing issues related to smart meters, JPDCL has established dedicated helpline numbers and help desks. These resources will serve as a direct line of communication for consumers to report and resolve meter-related concerns swiftly.

Efficiency in grievance redressal is paramount, and to achieve this, dedicated Nodal Officers have been appointed from various subdivisions of JPDCL. These officers will play a pivotal role in overseeing the resolution of Smart Meter-related complaints.


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