SMC Keeps Building Permissions In Abeyance For Gross Deviations

KL Report


Commissioner SMC Dr G N Qasba during inspection in Lal chowk area  kept two building permissions in abeyance vide order no 66 of 2013 and order no 65 of 2013 dated 21/11/2013. It had come to the fact that the building permission issued in favor of Ghulam Haji rasool Zargar and Mohhamad Shafi have been grossly violated with a major deviations in the sanctioned plans issued in their favour.

However building permission was issued for restoration of the fire damages to the existing first, second and attic floor over he existing ground floor with erection of RCC columns from ground floor level to strengthen the load bearing walls vide order no 374 of 2011.

Similarly, the other permission was issued for restoration of fire blast damages to the existing building vide 0rder number 317 of 2011. But it had come to the light of the authorities  that both the  sanctioned plans have been grossly deviated and   there seems to be all new constructions right from ground floor in RCC frame structure hence taking the cognizance in the matter the building permissions were kept in abeyance.

Dr Qasba had made it very clear to the concerned authorities that make sure besides illegal constructions no other violations or deviations in sanctioned plans shall take place otherwise law shall take its own course.


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