Smoking, Alcohol Slows Recovery From Covid: Orthopaedic Says


JAMMU: GMC Jammu’s top Orthopaedic, Dr Abdul Ghani has said that overuse of steroids may lead to osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle. Similarly, he said that diabetic patients are also prone to osteoporosis if they catch Covid, a statement issued by the DIPR-JK said.

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The doctor advised those under quarantine and with mild symptoms to take a regular walk, without exerting their bodies too much. Post recovery, the patients must start gentle exercise to keep bones and joints fit. It is also advised that all Covid patients stay hydrated, as it reduces chances of bone and joint pain in addition to keeping general well being. It is normal to experience joint pains in some patients post recovery from Covid, he added.

The doctor strongly dissuades people from smoking and consuming excessive alcohol. The two reduce a person’s ability to fight Covid, he informed.

Since physical activity is greatly reduced during home isolation and quarantine, the doctor suggested, ‘taking a balanced diet is the only healthy way to keep fit.

The public is advised to avoid fatty and high-calorie foods as they cause obesity, which impedes the rate of recovery from Covid. Obesity, in general, is also bad for overall health and may also cause osteoporosis, he said.

Dr Abdul Ghani also advised for taking multivitamins, calcium and other health supplements, particularly by the old and females to help them improve their overall immunity.

‘Our public is usually found deficient in Vitamin D. Covid positive or not, everybody should consume 60000 IU Vitamin D dose once a week, for 8 consecutive weeks, every year. The course should be done every year to prevent vitamin deficiency, advised Dr Abdul. He also discouraged taking Vitamin D injections.


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