SOP Regarding Government Business upon imposition of Governor’s Rule Approved



SAC On Account Vote

The State Administrative Council, in its meeting held under the chairmanship of Governor N N Vohra approved the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for actions being taken on various issues within prescribed timelines for ensuring that “Government Business” is discharged effectively whenever the democratically elected government gives way to the Governor’s Rule.

“It was observed that avoidable issues arise in the absence of an approved framework of the action to be taken when such situations arise,” an official spokesperson said on Tuesday afternoon.

The SOP covers the following aspects of Government business:-

(a)             Appointment of Advisors.

(b)            Constitution of the State Administration Council.

(c)             Delegation of Powers at various levels to facilitate smooth functioning of the Government.

(d)            Recall of the Gazetted/Non-gazetted staff posted in the personal sections of the Ministers/Ministers of State/Chairperson(s)/Vice-Chairperson(s) of various Boards and Commissions.

(e)             Resignation of the Members/Chairpersons of various Statutory/Non-Statutory Organizations/ Boards.

(f)              Resignation of persons nominated/appointed as Advocate General/Additional Advocate General etc.

The notification of the Standard Operating Procedure is envisaged to ensure that the actionable activities are initiated by the concerned departments/offices/agencies well on time, obviating the scope of any confusion or need to seek decisions in regard to such matters.

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