Sopore Murder: Omar, Rasheed Verbal Clash

KL Report


The legislative assembly witnessed a verbal clash between chief minister, Omar Abdullah and Independent lawmaker Er Rasheed on Wednesday. Both accused each other and when the coalition members shouted at Rasheed, he was marshaled out though he was not in the well.

Independent lawmaker, Er Rashid Wednesday asked ruling coalition not to make a “joke and mockery” of yesterday’s incident, as a result of which BJP MLA Jogal Kishore was suspended from the house.

As soon as the house began its proceedings the women members of the coalition parties demanded that the house should write to BJP’s opposition leader in parliament Sushima Sawraj and ask her to disqualify Jogal from the party.

Rashid asked had NC and congress been worried in protecting honour and dignity of woman folk then they would have sought action against those men in uniform who were involved in hundreds of rape and murder cases especially in Kunan Poshpora and Shopian.

“Have a bit of sympathy towards Tabasum Guru as well who has been made widow by India, the day when whole India was crying for Dhamini State police had locked up an ill-fated girl in Islamabad for her alleged involvement in stone pelting though the fact of the matter is that she was injured by police bullet two years back in a peaceful procession, why you are not talking Miss Fahmeeda Sofi who is a political worker and is lodged in police lock up,” asked Rasheed.

This resulted in hue and cry from the ruling benches. In the meantime Chief Minister Omer Abdullah got up from his seat and informed the house about the killing of a youth by unidentified gunmen at Sopore.

Chief Minister pointed towards Er. Rashid and said, “had the Sopore killing been carried out by security forces he(Er Rashid) would have kept whole house hostage and gone to any extent to condemn the killing, I want to know why is he mum and calm over this killing.”

Chief Minister’s remarks irritated Rashid and he interrupted Chief Minister.

“It was your duty as a Chief Minister to protect life and property of the People of State whether they face atrocities from terrorists in uniform or non-state actors, you can’t run away from your shameful failures,” argued Rasheed, adding that by saying so Chief Minister is encouraging security forces and giving them a free hand to play with the lives of innocent Kashmiri people.

Rashid cried at Chief Minister and said, “you should know that security forces have to be much more accountable under all circumstances as they claim themselves to be disciplined and answerable before law.” He asked Chief Minister to accept the moral responsibility of every killing and not give patronage to “state terrorism”.

These remarks provoked coalition members and ministers further and they all shouted at Rashid who was in his seat.The speaker had also some heated arguments with Rashid. However, the speaker asked marshals to take Rashid out. Interestingly this time Rashid was on his seat not inside the well of the house.



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