SOS from Gufkral, Two Major Caves Collapsing


by Samreena Nazir

Srinagar: Following the intermittent rains from past many days in Kashmir, the Kashmir’s heritage and archaeological structures in Tral area of south Kashmir have suffered crevasses and are about to collapse.

Tral Gufkrals’, KL file image

The residents of the Hardumier Gufkral in Tral said that two major caves present in the village are about to collapse due to the wet weather, and if the weather remains same it could damage the structures completely. Pertinently, the caves present in the area are almost 3000 years old, as a legacy of the old caveman.

On Wednesday morning, the villagers noticed some vital crumbles in two major caves of the village, following which the temporary walls were erected next to the caves.

As the caves are situated next to one of the inhabitants Abdul Khaliq Kumar, there are chances that it might pose a threat to the resident, “if the caves collapsed it might be able to damage my house as well,” Kumar said.

“Earlier we had somehow prevented the collapse but this time as the crevasses are severe it is impossible for us to prevent it,” an inhabitant Nisar Ahmad, living next to the cave said.

The residents have sought the authorities’ intervention in the grave issue and so that the 3000-year-old site having historical importance is saved.

Tral’s Gufkrals’

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