South Kashmir residents petition JKLF against police


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief Mohammad Yasin Malik on Wednesday said that arresting fathers for their sons has been an old ploy of government forces but a new trend has been initiated by ruling government by arresting fathers in place of their daughters. Incarcerating young girls Tanfiyah Rasool and Sumaira Rasool of Islamabad is nothing but a “police terrorism.”

The spokesman said that a delegation from Islamabad visited JKLF office at Srinagar and met with the chairman of JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik. The delegation informed him about the highhandedness of police in the district that has unleashed a reign of “terror” against common people.

The delegation told JKLF chairman that police SP Tahir Ashraf Bhatt has crossed every limit of tyranny and shame as he has started a vicious campaign against girls and ladies wearing veils in the area. The said police officer is summoning girls who wear veils to police stations and in case they fail to present themselves before him, their houses are raided; their fathers are arrested, humiliated, tortured and choicest abuses are showered at them by police.

The delegation said that the rough and abusive language used by this police officer has become intolerable and his behaviour has actually made lives of many families a hell. Informing Yasin Sahib about the arrest of Tanfiyah Rasool and Sumaira Rasool who happen to be sisters, the delegation said that these young girls have been kept at Police station Sadder and are being tortured mentally from last many days.

While condemning the arrest of two sisters Tanfiyah Rasool and Sumaira Rasool both daughters of Ghulam Rasool of Islamabad, JKLF chairman said that police has been arresting fathers in place of their sons but ruling regime used to raise slogans like “Beti Bechuav” has started a new trend by arresting girls or fathers in place of their daughters which is highly condemnable. He said that girl students studying at Kashmir University and those who wear the veil are being specially targeted by police which shows the anti-Muslim attitude of the police. Girls are being summoned to police stations by SP Tahir Ashraf Bhatti and in case they fail to do so, their fathers are being arrested, abused and tortured in police stations.


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