Soz hails Yuchuri for calling Kashmir a political issue



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In a communication to General Secretary CPI (M), Sita Ram Yachuri, senior Congress leader Professor Saifuddin Soz on Wednesday while welcoming Yachuri’s assertion in a party meeting at Srinagar that Kashmir was a political dispute and it could only be resolved through a political process, adding that the issue can be resolved through a decisive dialogue with all the stakeholders, including the Hurriyat Conference.

The spokesman said it was heartening that Yachuri suggested to one and all at the national level which includes the current government and the opposition also that there must be a serious effort to sort out the errors.

Soz also urged Yachuri to assert his position on Kashmir with Modi government and every segment of the National Opposition.

The spokesman added that Soz agreed with Yachuri that the Centre would be well advised to initiate a political dialogue at the proper political level and respond to the worsening situation in Kashmir without losing any further time.

He greeted Yachuri for his clear stand stressing the fact that neither the bullets nor the coercive policy against members of civil society in Kashmir would solve any problem for the Centre which he held responsible for the latest worsening situation in Kashmir.

He further welcomed Yachuri for castigating the Centre and the State for the faulty dispensation in which a heinous crime of rape and murder of 8-year old girl, Asifa, could be committed and demanded that murderers should be punished, at the earliest.


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