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Reacting to the recent statement of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah that the next government in Jammu and Kashmir will also be a coalition government, Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) chief Saif-ud-din Soz Monday said that the Congress will emerge as a single largest party in the state in the forthcoming polls.

Soz, while talking to KNS stated that the Congress in the state has attained a strong foothold and that people here have accepted the representative character of the party. “The base of the Congress in the state has become very strong and with optimistic approach I believe that ours will be the single largest party in the state.”

The state Congress chief further stated that the party will sweep the polls at large and its prime responsibility would be to fight for the rights of the common people. “Our prime concern is to fight for the basic rights of the people of the state and we are committed to take the state to the new horizons of development.”

Commenting over the possibility of the post poll alliance for the formation of the next government in the state, Soz told KNS that if the time demands the same, the decision will be taken by the Congress high command and all the perspectives of the alliance would be taken into consideration before the final call into the matter would be taken.

Soz added, “Ours is the national party and we will act in accordance to the directions issued by the party high command about forging an alliance with any party here. Whether complete or the outside support, we have to wait for the high command.”

Stating that the Aam Admi Party must come forward for the formation of the government at Delhi, Soz said that the people usually suffer due to the non- availability of the public representatives in the government sector and therefore AAP must not show reluctance in the government formation.

Maintaining that the state government employees must shun the path of confrontation and should work for the betterment of common masses here , Soz said that he is fighting for the employees’ demand for the enhancement of the retirement age from 58 to 60 years.

“We have resolved from the day one that we will fight for the rights of common people including the employees and we are committed for the same.”

Commenting over the constitution of the 7th pay commission in the centre, Soz said that once the recommendations are made for its implementation, the state government will act accordingly but for now the employees here must work with the utmost sincerity and dedication for the people of the state. ”The time  has not come that we would talk about the 7th pay commission but once the centre implements it, the state will act accordingly. Hum abhi sae kiya bataen kiya hamarae dil mae hae (For why should we tell thee now, what lurks in our hearts?)”  


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