Soz rejects Exit Poll

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State Congress President and Rajya Sabha member Professor Saif-ul-Din Soz Saturday said that he is representing the people of Jammu and Kashmir to his best ability in the Indian Parliament. “Tell me which issue I did not raise in Parliament. I never ignored any issue pertaining to Jammu and Kahsmir, be it Pathribal fake encounter, AFSPA, train service, Macchil fake encounter, unemployment, Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme or occupation of hotels and other buildings by Government forces,” Soz told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that he never compromises when it comes to Kashmir.

Soz said that despite having a busy schedule, he never missed or misses an opportunity to raise any issue pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir. He said a day after Army closed Pathribla fake encounter case; he vehemently raised the issue with Defense Minister and asked Jammu and Kashmir Government to approach Supreme Court of India. “My stand on Pathribal fake encounter is clear. I want Jammu and Kashmir government to become a party and approach to Supreme Court,” Soz said adding that Kashmir is my constituency it is always on his mind.

He said that in Rajya Sabha, he on record raised the questions about the illegal arrests and detentions of Kashmiri youth in outside states and urged Prime Minister of India to ensure their release and pay compensation to their families. “There are some issues which do not find space in a section of press but that does not mean I have failed to represent Kashmir,” he said.

Responding to a query, Soz said that he does not believe in exit polls which claimed that Congress will get only one Parliament seat in Jammu and Kashmir. “I hope that Congress party would emerge winner in Jammu and Kashmir in both Parliament and Assembly elections. So many intellectuals, former bureaucrats and politicians are joining Congress party which makes it clear that this party is very vibrant in Jammu and Kashmir,” he concluded.


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