Soz terms Mufti ‘Chosen Leader’, Appeals not to Ally with BJP


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“The present situation has yielded a trump card in Mufti Mohammad Syeed’s hand and I feel confident that he (Mufti)  will use the opportunity very properly and advantageously,” this was stated by Pradesh Congress Committee President Saifuddin Soz on Tuesday.

“I am of the view that the atmosphere in the State is moving to Mufti Saheb’s favour and he will adopt a course which will hopefully be characterized as historic by way of the results on ground,” Soz added.

According to Soz a vast majority of right thinking people in New Delhi now feels that the RSS “known very much for its ideology”, has “handed very difficult agenda to the present set –up of the BJP”, the implications of which they (the BJP top brass) have started to realize.

“While the RSS is giving a grudging consideration to the PDP’s proposals, Mufti Sahib is widely perceived to be a person who will not go wrong on what suits best to the current political consensus that has evolved at a critical stage of his (Mufti’s) long political career,” Soz said adding “Personally speaking, I would only like to caution Mufti Mohammad Syeed on the dangers  of a miniscule  minority here (in Kashmir) who suggest development plank for seeking special favour from  the  ruling class in Delhi, if PDP decides to forge  an alliance with the BJP. Mufti Sayeed should reject this short–sightedness and ask these elements to see the facts clearly and know for certain that India is a democracy and its Institutions have become strong over the decades.”

Soz said that there is no largesse available to the Prime Minister of India to offer to those states only which are for the BJP dispensation.

“Such elements in the system should also realize that India is a Federation of States with a unitary bias. How otherwise can the Governments in West Bengal, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, Tripura  etc  etc can function,” asked Soz.

He demanded that the PDP as a Party must also appreciate the fact that there is a vast secular space in Jammu and it happens to be a large asset and a unifying factor to the J&K State.

“Having expressed some thoughts on the current political scenario in the J&K State, I feel convinced that Mufti Sahib will, under no circumstances, cripple the Goose that will certainly lay the Golden Egg for Mufti Sahib as the chosen leader of the State,” Soz said.


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