Soz welcomes implementation of new Food Security Bill




While welcoming the new ‘food security bill’ senior Congress leader and former union minister Prof Saifuddin Soz Tuesday claimed the credit of this bill goes to his party who brought great ‘relief’ to the needy sections of society throughout India.

As per a statement, Soz has said it is the responsibility of States’ Minister for Food & Consumer Affairs to ensure that no section of the targeted group is left out of this, essentially, pro-poor measure.

He, however, has apprehended that due to the ‘gross’ errors in CAPD “the well-intentioned scheme may suffer set-back in its implementation.” But he has suggested government should initiate a vigorous public awareness programme so that the people remain alert about proper implementation of the Law. The government also needs to warn the implementing agencies that no mal-practices and corruption would be tolerated and defaulters would be severely punished.


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