Speaker Adjourns House for the Day, No Beef Bill Taken Up



Leading opposition’s demand that Thursday’s session of state legislature, former CM Omar Abdullah told Speaker, Kavinder Gupta, it is his prerogative whether to extend today’s session or not.

“When we could sit in assembly up to nine PM in Jammu why can’t we sit here and discuss important issues including Beef bill,” Omar told the house to a thumping applause from opposition bench.

Earlier, Communist legislator, MY Tarigami sought extension of the session saying the way business is going on in the house it “seems beef bill will not be taken up”.

Standing up from his seat to clarify, Minister Abdul Haw Khan addressed Er Rashid, “Please go to your seat.” Rashid is sitting in Well for last over one hour. “This Well is dry or you would have been drowned,” Haq added in a sarcastic tone.

To this Rashid replied, “Naeem Sahab (Education Minister) has already called it a slaughter house.”

As the opposition was on legs demanding discussion on beef bill, Speaker left the house adjourning it.

Adjournment of the lower house created melee in the house with NC’s Altaf Kaloo blowing the whistle.


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