Srinagar Dental College To Face Shortage In Essential Supply

KL Report


Expressing serious concern over the expected shortage of essentials at Srinagar Dental College, authorities Sunday said that the Hospital might face the acute dearth of supplies in the coming future if the opening of the tenders would  be delayed further.

According to the reports received by KNS, some suppliers have submitted writ petition at High Court Srinagar, demanding the release of samples submitted in the hospital for tenders during the previous years.

The top sources in the hospital reveal that the High court has issued directions for the tentative suspension of the tenders invited for the year 2013-14, causing concern about the shortage of supply in the coming time.

“We have been directed not to open the tenders on due date and if such situation continues it will be the cause of worry for the authorities and the patients,” said one of the officials while pleading for anonymity. He further mentioned that the newly constituted purchase committee invited tenders for the supply of medicines, equipment and other necessary items for the hospital on August 29,2013 and it was scheduled to open the tenders on October 14. “As the High Court has issued order for the suspension of the process, there is high risk that the hospital might face the dearth of the necessary supply.”



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