SRINAGAR: Given the massive population load including an increase in the floating population, Srinagar city is now generating more than 520 metric tonnes of garbage on daily basis. The increase is attributed to improved footfalls in Srinagar city including tourists.

“Last year, we were collecting almost 420 metric tonnes and there is a net increase by almost 100 tons in last 365 days,” a senior executive of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation said. “While the load has increased, the people who collect the garbage has not increased even by a single person.”

The official, who wishes t remain anonymous said that 60 per cent of the collected garbage falls in the organic category and the rest is inorganic, including plastics.

“We believe that the approval to Rs 151 crore Bio Remediation Project will come within a month,” the officer said. “This will help us better management of the waste disposal.” For many years now, a project for converting the garbage into fuel for power generation is being discussed but it is yet to see the finalisation for the want of power purchase agreement (PPA).

SMC is managing Srinagar city with a deficit of 40 per cent in manpower. “Normally, the guidelines suggest that we must have one garbage collector for every 120 households and one sweeper for every 500 meters of road,” the officer said. “We have 230 thousand households in Srinagar and more than 2060 km of roads but the staff is inadequate.”

Srinagar is being managed by SMC with less than 3000 staffers who are into sweeping and garbage collection.

(Photograph used in this report is not about Srinagar and is merely representational)


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