Srinagar Media Summit: Kashmir Reacts to Accusations

Riyaz Ul Khaliq



Noted civil society activist and industrialist, Shakeel Qalandar, Saturday said that the Indian media has been portraying Kashmir in bad light.

Speaking at the first Media Summit in Srinagar, Qalandar said, “the civil society of Kashmir met Justice Verma commission and put forth its viewpoint on rape clauses in AFSPA which were accepted by the commission and they recommended that such clauses should be deleted but political forces did not allow it.” Qalandar said referring to infamous Delhi rape case.

While castigating Indian Media for hiding facts, Qalandar said, “I once asked a TV anchor to highlight the rape and molestation done by Indian Army in Kashmir, the anchor replied that Kashmiri women were lying about such accusations.”

Senior columnist and Chartered Accountant while reading his paper on ‘perception of national media of Kashmir’ said, “the New Delhi-based media and its commentators fall short of words when Chittisinghpora massacre, Pathribal Fake Encounter, Wandhama massacres come to lime light.”

Zargar narrated an ordeal of a militant who saved famous Kheerbhawani shrine from burning and how he was accused of Wandhama massacre.

Responding to assertions made by one media delegate from New Delhi about funding of newspapers in Kashmir, senior journalist, Masood Hussain said, “it is not a big thing to run newspapers for a population which consumes mutton for Rs 1400 Crore per annum; chicken worth Rs 600 Crore a year and imports above Rs 40000 Crore annually.”

Hussain further said that the Kashmir produced reportage is top in Northern region of India.

“It would not be right to say that the Kashmir reportage was not published by mainland India based media but packaging has been important,” he said.

While referring to media panel at the summit, Hussain said, “Kashmir has over 100 journalists and almost 13 were consumed by conflict in last 25 years.” “Nobody spoke or gave sermons when a scribe Gh Muhammad Lone was killed along with his son in Kangan in Ganderbal district.”


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