Srinagar Situation Won’t Be allowed To Go Out Of Hands: DG, Challenges Salahudin To Come Kashmir

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Director General of Police Ashok Prasad Tuesday claimed that the state police would not allow the sectarian clashes to go out of hands in Kashmir valley.He said the state police has devised a strategy to deal with it.

“We have not allowed the situation to go out of hands in Kashmir valley and we assure that we will not allow the law and order to deteriorate in future too,” Prasad said.

He was responding to the questions of media persons while addressing a press conference organised to announce the calendar of the 61st Indian hockey championship from December 7.

The state DGP admitted that the police did take some stringent measures to control the situation in Kashmir following fresh incidents of violence. He said these incidents do take place every year not only in Kashmir but at various other centers across the country.

“We have to remain alert and prevent the situation from going out of hands,” DGP said, adding “ there are certain emotional occasions when such incidents take place and our job is to contain the anger and prevent the flare up.”

Commenting on the alleged threat issued by United Jehad council chairman Syed Salah Ud Din against the panchs and sarpanchs Ashok Prasad challenged him to come to Kashmir and issue his threats after that. He said, “ Syed Salahud Din is little away and making statements from Muzaffarabad, he should try and make similar statements in Kashmir.”

DGP Police Ashok Prasad said that the Government of India is contemplating to constitute a group of engineers to look at the issue of  upgrading the existing barbed wire fence along the line of control in.

He said the idea behind upgrading the existing fence is to stop the ingress of militants from across the border to achieve zero militancy.

“At present 90  percent militancy is coming from across the border, if you have zero infiltration you would probably be able to get zero militancy as well,” Prasad said adding, “to construct the fence or not, I think the Government of India is contemplating setting up of group of engineers who will look at the problem and see whether  it is possible or not.”

Prasad elaborated, “ no matter how difficult the terrain is the fact of the matter is that the fence is already there.”

“The government is not talking about building anything new which is radically different from what exists now. It is just that you are going to upgrade the capacity of that particular obstacle to survive the harsh weather conditions,” Prasad explained.


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