In spite of batons, bombs, bullets, blockades, curfews, crackdowns, dannert wires, and discrimination, Kashmiris have excelled, are excelling and will excel. Kashmir Life celebrates some youngsters who embody the spirit of Kashmir’s resilience.
Two decades of war could break any society, crush its dreams and ambitions, and kill its spirit. Kashmir is a landscape littered with graveyards. Every street, every house has a grim story to tell. The visitor can’t see what we have witnessed, been through, and survived. Arrests, disappearances, torture, assassinations, crackdowns, custodial killings, fear and failed promises of politics, Kashmir is too intimate with all these. Yet throughout our curfewed nights and fear-filled days, we the people of Kashmir have shown the sort of resilience that few could expect. Our heads are bloodied, but unbowed. Kashmir Life celebrates some individuals who embody the spirit of Kashmir’s resilience.
We have profiled a few youngsters from different fields, who have displayed their brilliance, some of them have moved against odds.
This is neither a power list compiled according to any ranking, nor is it a complete one. There are many others, who have proved their mettle, and serve as role models for our youngsters. We have been able to take only a few.


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