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The company set up by Abrar Wadera is engaged in developing cutting edge hospital lab automation software. He has provided the same to SKIMS free of cost. Ibrahim Wani reports. A medical test in SKIMS is now as accurate as of the best hospital labs in the world. All thanks to Abrar Wadera

A bio-medical engineer by profession, Abrar has donated high end hospital lab management software to the hospital completely free of cost.
Abrar Wadera

The software, called Rapid Impact Technology ( RIA) Total Lab Management System(TLS) has been developed by Autoteknik-the software company set up by Abrar in 2007. The software is in high demand in the country and has been purchased by a number of top hospitals including Army hospital, Delhi and Tata Hospital, Mumbai.

“The software is a world class product. It standardizes labs and minimizes lab errors. It also develops an audit system which leaves no space for human error or tampering, thus securing accurate results,” says Abrar.
Wadera set up AutoTeknik–based in Delhi, after working with Siemens for more than 10 years. Siemens, based in Germany is a leader in bio-medical technology. “You go anywhere in the world, you will see machines in hospitals made by Siemens,” he says.
Abrar is a 1993 batch Passout of REC-now NIT. “After completing my degree in Electronics and Communications I opted for a one year add on course on bio-medical engineering,” he says.
Fresh from his studies, Abrar started his career in SKIMS, where he worked as a bio-medical engineer for three years. The lucky break came in 1997, when he was picked up by Siemens India. Now he headed to New Delhi, where he was posted for three years.
At Siemens India, his work came in for special praise, and soon he was on way to Germany. “I worked in Germany for one and a half year,” says Abrar. From Germany he was posted to Siemens Saudi Arabia and then to the prized destination USA.
All along he kept on gaining not only experience but also specialist technical knowhow by way of training. “I have undergone 45 training programs with Siemens,” says Abrar , adding that at Siemens special care is taken that engineers remain updated of the latest procedures and developments.  “A bio-medical engineer has to keep updating himself with the latest technology,” he adds.
He left the job in 2007 and started his own company. “Autotechnik was set up for making in house quality software products which would address the problems of the hospital labs in the country,” he says.
The company was established with the aim of addressing the dearth of technical know how.  Abrar says, “We spend a lot of money in importing the best technology but our biggest flaw is that we don’t import the proper know how.” He adds that this is one of the major causes that we are not able to get the maximum output out of the technology.
To address this concern, the company came up with software, termed as Total Lab Management system.  “The software enables labs to work at the fast pace, and minimizes the errors. Every small error and lacuna is identified to ensure accurate results,” he says.
The software is in high demand in the country and has been picked by a number of hospitals with great results. The same software has been donated to the department of Immunology and Molecular medicine at SKIMS free of cost.
“Today the labs at SKIMS are completely standardized and everything is computerized. Now an audit system, a complaint system and a recovery system is in place and the system is almost error free,” he says.
“A single personal error can finish of a machine,” says Abrar, adding that the same applies to everything. “US and Europe have reached this level of development because there they have set procedures. The people know that they have to pay for even small mistakes.”  He says that the same should be applicable here also. “The only way to development is through evolving accountable systems, and through establishment of quality educational institutions,” he adds.
Wadera is now working to establish a world class lab at the Transworld Muslim University.


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