Start with 4 Point Formula for Peace, Friendly Atmosphere: PDP tells India, Pakistan



PDP Friday welcomed the meeting of the Indian Prime minister with his Pakistani counterpart on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in Russia.

PDP chief spokesperson Dr Mehboob Beg termed it as a welcome step and “vindication of PDP’s constant and unflinching stand that ‘talks and talks alone’ could benefit the two nations as well as the people of Jammu & Kashmir”.

In a party statement, Dr Beg said, “both the Nations should use Vajpayee’s four-point formula as the launching pad to build a peaceful and friendly atmosphere between them and further that everyone should be seen to be united in the pursuit of attaining this goal.”

Beg also underlined that cordial relations between the two Asian giants will have a “positive impact on the people of Jammu & Kashmir as they suffer the most when the relations between India and Pakistan turn hostile.”

“A bold initiative coupled with a robust military system along the borders should be sufficient to maintain peace and that the present meeting between the two Prime Ministers had raised new hopes amongst the people,” he said. Further, Dr Beg highlighted that it was the present chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed who was instrumental in the 2002 Vajpayee-Musharraf meet, when the two nations nearly clinched the issue and assured full support from the people of Jammu & Kashmir for a peaceful atmosphere between the two Nations and appealed on their behalf to all National Parties to back this new initiative.

“All forces inimical to peace shall go all-out to sabotage this move and both Nations should be vary of such elements.”


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