In order to ensure safe, efficacious and quality medicines are being made available to the general public, State Drugs Controller, J&K Lotika Khajurai, constituted two teams of Drugs Control Officers to lift statutory drug samples of Medical Devices and Cosmetics particularly in the Zone V and Zone VI areas of the Srinagar City.

The constituted teams have lifted around 23 statutory samples of Cosmetics and Medical Devices, which have been referred to the National Institute of Biologicals-Noida, RDTL-Guwahati, CRI-Kasauli and RDTL-Chandigarh for analysis.

She also said that necessary directions have been issued to dealers to desist from indulging in unethical trade practices and involvement in committing violations with respect to Drug and Cosmetic Act, 1940 and Rules, 1945 and Medical Devices Rules, 2017. Further they were directed to improve the storage conditions to preserve the properties of medical products during their shelf life.


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