State Govt Proposes Planning Commission Disposes: Soz

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State Congress President Professor Saif-u-Din Soz Tuesday said that Chief Minister Omar Abdullah must continue his struggle in seeking more and more funds for Jammu and Kashmir. “There is no dearth of money and I know that Central Government sincerely wants to help Jammu and Kashmir in every respect,” Soz told Kashmir based news gathering agency CNS adding that Planning Commission allocated funds on the basis of explanations given by the State Government.

“If we say there is unfair distribution of financial resources in Jammu and Kashmir and the per capita plan investment is lowest in Kashmir as compared to other regions of the state that means the state government has not highlighted those sectors which needs funding in Kashmir. “Planning Commission allocates funds only after it goes through the draft prepared by the state government. It is the duty of the State Government to highlight and explain to the Commission that the State needs so much funding in this and that sector. It is not the error of the Commission as the Commission grants funds as per the draft presented to it by the State Government,” Soz said.

He said that Chief Minister Omar Abdullah could answer in a better way why there was unfair distribution of financial resources and reduction in funding. “I personally believe that Central Government wants the economy of the state to grow. State Government got from the Planning Commission what it had explained to them,” Soz said adding that Omar Abdullah should pursue the case and seek more funding from the Central Government.

Earlier talking to CNS on the sidelines of a rally at Kandi, Handwara, Soz said that time has come for the revocation of AFSPA. “Chief Minister Omar Abdullah should take all the stake holders on board and take a final decision in this regard. It is a sensitive matter and such matters are not discussed in open,” he said adding that Congress High Command has taken no decision on pre-pole alliance with any party.

Soz reiterated that Congress party would emerge as the single largest party in up-coming Assembly elections.

Soz addressed rallies at Kandi, Thregam and Vilgam in North Kashmir’s Handwara town.


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