State Govt’s Beef Move to Supreme Court A Coalition-Saving Step, Er Rashid Says



Terming the state government’s attempt to move to Supreme Court over beef ban issue as an excuse from debating the issue in the Assembly, Independent MLA Er Rashid Thursday said that state govt is complicating the issue as it is within the authority of state legislature to abolish, amend or make a law that it deems good in the interest of its people.

“If government really wants issue to be resolved amicably it should evolve a consensus within all political parties and must make every party understand that the issue pertains to Fundamental Rights and religious freedom of Muslim community,” Er Rashid said.

It is ironic, he said, that government on one hand is challenging the High Court verdict in Supreme Court but seems very much reluctant to revoke the ban itself through State Legislature by passing the bill.

“This all is being done to buy the time and with the hope that Supreme Court may uphold the High Court order and State Government will then throw the onus on Supreme Court and find a hon’ble exit for itself, thus may not leave any scope for revoking the ban,” Rashid said.

It is unacceptable and undemocratic that something which government can do itself is being dragged to Supreme Court only to save the coalition, he said.

Meanwhile Rashid’s party (AIP) is holding a peaceful sit-in in Srinagar tomorrow to persuade MLAs of all parties to support the bill seeking revocation of ban on beef. “The sit-in will start at 9am in Partap-Park at LalChowk,” he said.


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