State sponsored terrorism most dangerous, says Geelani, ‘Need to realize its all aspects’


Syed Ali Geelani on Monday said that state sponsored terrorism is most dangerous, saying mere rhetoric about self-made definition of terrorism can’t make an end to this menace.

Reacting to the statement of prime minister of India Narendra Modi, wherein he has said that ‘’terrorism must be fought unitedly” in his in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’, Geelani said that we need to realize all aspects about terrorism and those promoting this.

In a statement, Geelani said all forms of terrorism are dangerous, however terrorism promoted, abetted and sponsored by state is very disastrous as all the basic institutions, viz, administration, judiciary, armed militia and state resources are utilised to crush genuine aspirations of people.

Terming the statement of PM Modi as fraud and deceit, Geelani said that however it is the Indian authorities that forcibility occupied state against the wishes of people and rests and rules over dead bodies,’’

Six lakh innocents were brutally massacred since 1947, seven thousand women molested, ten thousand youths disappeared during their custody and properties worth billions destroyed and ransacked, Geelani added.

Geelani said that Indian authorities while beating the drums of peace, ignore historical facts of Kashmir issue and blamed Indian forces for anarchy and disturbance in state.

He said that there is no match between freedom movement and terrorism, saying both are poles apart and quite different and unless the Kashmir issue is resolved in its historical perspective, the rhetoric about terrorism and peace is meaningless, added Geelani.

Their statements and narratives can’t impress us, said Geelani and added that all Delhi based leaders were rhetoric about this illusion that Kashmir is an integral part of India, however it could not change the history or ground realities about status of Kashmir issue.

India through its military might has forcibly occupied state, hence their leaders including Modi have no right to define terrorism or suggest measures to eradicate and halt this menace, as they sponsor this menace on state level, said Geelani.

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