State’s Rs 1,25,00000,00 own new cement plant on the verge of collapse

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Despite the tall claims of the state government for improving the corporation sector to generate more employment, a state owned corporation, Jammu Kashmir cements Ltd- new plant established with great expectations in Khrew allegedly proved to be an utter failure.

Reliable sources told KNS that the new plant at Khrew Pampore was established in 2006 with an expected production of 600 tons of cement but due to alleged corruption by some big fishes its existence is on the verge of end.

In a shocking revelation an official source, (while comparing the expenditure of a leading private company which spend approximately 70 crore on a same type of plant in Khrew) disclosed that a huge amount of 1,25,00000,00 was released for the construction of the said plant. Out of which allegedly only 60 to 70 crore were actually spend on it and rest went in to the pockets of corrupt officials.

An insider wished not to be named said that Corporation has become rehabilitation for the entire blue eyed person’s. Corruption, extension, backdoor entries unjustified promotions and what not have become rampant. “I fail to understand that despite this huge mess the position of the state government is not more than a mute spectator,” he said. “If government does not wakeup from its deep slumber, time is not far when this corporation will be sweeped off from its very roots, “he added.

Other insiders lamented that they are well wishers of the corporation and wanted it to progress day in and day out but the hugeness of corruption has always impeded its growth and shattered its development. “The project of constructing the plant was given to the Promake Company who according to sources allegedly used all the substandard material in the construction of much awaited plant. These facts were given at that time by the Director of the Promake Company in a meeting”, they said. “The Director in the meeting had admitted that he was compelled to distribute huge sums of money among officials, “they added.

While giving details of the worthlessness of the new plant sources said that the plant was brought under maintenance process only after six years while as the previous cement plant worked smoothly for full thirty years.

Expressing the deep concern one of the official said that till now nobody has seriously looked into the reasons for the low production of this so called new plant. “The corporation is the source of our bread and butter, and we really want that the government should take to the tough task all those who are responsible for the deterioration of the corporation. To prevent further degradation the government should not spare anybody whether influential or a commoner,” he said.

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