Stocks of essential items being replenished after fresh supplies received in Kashmir


Stocks of essential supplies are being replenished after fresh supplies of fuel and food items were received in Kashmir on Sunday.

The fuel supplies received up to 4 pm including 260 tankers of diesel, 189 tankers of petrol and 43 tankers of kerosene oil.

These also include 82 tankers and 57 trucks of Liquified Petroleum Gas or LPG.

The trucks with different kinds of food items received add up to a total of 110 — including 70 trucks with rice and 40 trucks with vegetables and mutton.

It should be noted that the movement of vehicles with essential supplies on Jammu-Srinagar road is being prioritised and that more supplies are expected to be received in Kashmir tomorrow.

The divisional administration has urged the general public not to panic assuring that sufficient supplies of essential items are being received and stocks replenished.


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