Stone Pelting No ‘Offence’: Geelani


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Clarifying the recent statement of Syed Ali Geelani wherein he had condemned the stone pelting incident at his rally in Sopore, Hurriyat Conference (G) today said that the stone pelting in no way could be termed as an ‘offence’ and the same is used an option to give vent to the anger by the oppressed and suppressed people.

As per as statement, it has been mentioned that police creates ‘disturbances’ and that the nature of the stone pelting is not same every time and everywhere but often in reaction and response the brute force applied by police and para military force. “Geelani Sahib had condemned stone pelting incident in a particular context as there was no resistance from police or para military force in his Sopore rally but some mischievous elements resorted to stone pelting without any reason and it was only to sabotage Geelani sahib rally. As far as Kashmir is concerned it is in no way different from other parts of the world. The reaction is expected even in those parts of the world where people are striving against the oppression and forced occupation and it is in no way considered as an offence,” the spokesperson of the party said in the statement.

The spokesman further said that whenever the public meetings is being held and if  the police or the authorities do not interfere, then stone pelting or any reaction without any provocation is unjustified and a person with senses and wisdom can not resort to such activities and if any persons behaves likewise he is doing  harm to the  freedom struggle.

“Geelani condemned the stone pelting which took place after the public meeting in Sopore was over, however the spokesman said that sometimes on the behest of agencies stone pelting is started to disturb  peaceful public gatherings and at times some enthusiastic youngsters are swayed by their passion and resort to stone pelting.”

Huriyat (G) spokesman further stated that the stone pelting becomes inevitable when police and administration prevents or stops the peaceful procession or rally from its onward march or when police resort to baton charge and pepper gas shelling. “In such cases the resentment and response of people may take ugly turn and they are left with the only option for stone pelting and this is the reaction against the high handedness and bullying of police,” said the Hurriyat (G) spokesman.

He further mentioned that in such cases the youth are not to be blamed and that there is no reason to condemn stone pelting.


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