NC’s Kamal Says Modi Will Get NC’s Support If He Becomes PM


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Additional General Secretary National Conference (NC) Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said that if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minster in the next assembly polls, National Conference will develop the ‘harmonious’ relationship with the latter.

Talking to a local news agency, KNS, Kamal said that the government, likely is going to emerge at Delhi will get support of NC in the coming time. “Sheikh sahib used to say that in Delhi we have to sit with the government at the right side, if Modi becomes Prime Minister NC will support him in the interest of the people of the state.

Kamal further mentioned that the parliament members of NC can support Modi in Delhi and that he would get NC’s support in terms of issues and development. “We will not barter our stand neither will we compromise our principles but we will support him in the larger interests of the state.” He further added that any government in Delhi will not take any decision in the parliament which would be against the nation.

Claiming the recent statement of Omar Abdullah wherein he advocated for the exploration of other ideas in dealing with Pakistan, was misunderstood by some sections, Kamal said Omar didn’t mean war when he advocated for ‘other options’.

“Other options doesn’t mean tanks and war, it could be the international pressure that Omar wants Delhi to put on Pakistan so that the tensions on LoC could end.” Kamal further stated that the number of people killed in the past 2 decades in Kashmir is more than that of the total number of lives lost during the 3 wars fought between India and Pakistan. “How could we advocate war when we are the worst victims of it?”

Accusing Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) for playing ‘politics’ over the graves Kamal said that PDP is portraying NC as a ‘Monster’. “Reality is that Mufti Mohammad Syed is responsible for the killings in Kashmir that took place during the past two decades,(Mufti  khud ko hum mae dekh raha hai).”


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