Stop blackmailing Kashmiris: Er Rasheed to Delhi


Asking PM Narendra Modi, BJP President Amit Shah and other leaders of right-wing parties not to distort facts by misleading masses in India over Art 370 & 35A, AIP president Er Rasheed has said that Delhi should stop blackmailing Kashmiris.

While addressing a gathering at Wussan in Kangan area today Er Rasheed said, “There is nothing new what BJP leaders are preaching today but they need not forget that J&K is an internationally recognized dispute and it is not easy for India and Pakistan to ignore sentiments and sacrifices of people of J&K.”

“Be it Article 370 or 35A, nothing has been gifted to Kashmiris but granting constitutional guarantees to J&K was India’s own compulsion and not any favor to people of J&K. However, Delhi needs to realize that Kashmiris too are fed up with the dirty politics being played over special status granted to J&K. If Modi or someone else is serious in abrogating Article 370 & 35A, it can be done easily by holding plebiscite on both the sides of LOC and if people of J&K vote for India Kashmiris will have no objection in  becoming an integral part of India and there will be no need of continuing with Article 35A or 370,” he said.

Er Rasheed reminded PM of his claims that people of Gilgit Balochistan and Pak want to be part of India and only 5% Kashmiris want separation from India, as such Delhi should not feel any hesitation in agreeing to hold a referendum and by doing so it can easily abrogate Article 35A and 370 and the resolution passed by parliament over J&K will also get implemented itself.


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