Stop Non-Stop Flow of Thousands of Non-State Subjects to Kashmir: Rasheed



Engineer Rasheed
Engineer Rasheed

Independent Lawmaker, Er Rasheed, Sunday demanded an end to “flow of non-state subjects into Kashmir valley” who have started pouring frequently in every nook and corner of valley and their credentials and whereabouts are not known.

According to a statement issued by Awami Ittehad Party (AIP), Rasheed was addressing public meetings at Malaknag Islamabad, Kellam Devsar and Hawal Srinagar today, where he said, “from Qazigund to Karnah thousands of non-state subject homeless families have occupied thousands of kanals of land and started constructing temporary huts.”

“While Kashmiris need to prove their identity not only in other states but in their own hamlets to security agencies, this uninvited army of beggars is at liberty to occupy any place. It is ironic, strange and unacceptable that neither local police nor any other security agency carries out any verification about these thousands of suspicious and unknown families,” he said adding, “There is no record available with the state government that who they are and what is their purpose to construct temporary huts here.”

Rasheed added, “there is every possibility that these include a large number of criminals, thieves, drug edicts and other unhealthy elements who are at liberty to visit anywhere in the valley. Their activities are very often suspicious and they do get a full backing from local police, army and other security agencies.”

He demanded an unconditional halt to the entry of these non-state subjects and asked government to take all concrete measures before it gets too late.

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